Call for Consensus regarding DirectTrust Standards

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Consensus closed on 06/04/2019 at 1pm ET.

The approved Consensus Statement is as follows:

"DirectTrust Standards has recently become an ANSI accredited standards development organization and has confirmed its willingness to manage the future development and maintenance of the specifications, implementation guides, and other associated documents that have been previously published and/or maintained by the Direct Project. The Direct Project community believes and expects that DirectTrust Standards will act in good faith to continue the mission of the Direct Project community, including committing sufficient resources to ensure continued open access to these documents and their successors, and to provide an open consensus-based process for the future management of these documents for all interested stakeholders who wish to participate. Thus, by consensus, the Direct Project community accepts DirectTrust Standards as an appropriate steward to manage the Direct Project specifications going forward."

Consensus Process
Each committed organization may provide one vote or abstain from voting. When voting, please record your organization name, your own name as your organization's representative, and log your vote in the "Endorsement" column. Votes may be:

  • Yes
    • A yes vote does not necessarily mean the deliverable is ideal but that it is better to move forward than block it
    • Comments may be provided for consideration
  • No
    • A no vote must be accompanied by comments that detail why the vote is no and what steps can be taken to address concerns
    • A no vote without comments is counted as an abstention

If there are any "No" votes (with comments) cast by Committed Organizations, the workgroup will reconvene on June 4 at 1pm Eastern time, at the usual call in number. Update: Since there were no such votes, the group did not reconvene.

Please enter your vote below:

Organization Name
Organization Representative
(Yes or No)
Comments (If "No", what can be changed to make it "Yes"?)
EMR Direct
Julie Maas

Cerner Corporation
Greg Meyer


Joseph Shook