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Here we will track the specific suggestions for development of the NHIN standards, services, and software that flow out of an analysis of the peer-approved User Stories. This will be organized as a simple table, maintained over time, of each specific suggestion, a full description, the user stories to which it relates, and endorsements from other community members (just leave your login name to endorse it). You can use the discussion attached to this page to discuss the suggestions further.

Specific Suggestions
Full Description
User Story or Stories
Consider adding an innovative desktop-to-desktop (app-to-app/point-to-point), pub/sub, asynch Email transport architecture
We present our architecture at this link -- [1] This six page swim diagram of our secure, node-to-node, Email-based, data transmission protocol. We present it in the context of a referral management application we have developed, whichexchanges referral forms, CCDs and clinical notes. The current version of the app is built on a Microsoft Excel (with VBA modules), Outlook and .Net platform.
Applicable to just about every user story; e.g., Primary care provider refers patient to pecialist including summary care record

Consider hData for NHIN Direct Transport

Review the transport and data standards on the website. The hData record format document may be found at [2] and the hData packaging and transport format may be found at [3]

hData supports most of the NHIN Direct user stories
Currently under consideration for standardization in the HL7 ITS Workgroup
Consider using existing state licensing departments as NHIN CA's
Most potential players in the NHIN are licensed to do business in a state. They already have a significant level of knowledge about the players and are well suited to the CA role. Non-business players (public health) could be registered by the root CA or by a separate CA like the CDC which already has relationships with these entities.
Adding specificity to the existing stories

Consider XMPP Bindings

XMPP is an open specification IM protocol that supports federated transport, identity, presence, and transport, and works well across firewalls and NAT

Bindings would support all known user stories

Candidate for CONNECT v3.x branch